Error Handling

Whenever an API call is not successful, we will return the following response codes:

  • 401 : Invalid API key
  • 429 : Rate limit exceeded
  • 400 : Any other error

When an error occurs, the error property (always present) will be true.
A message property will also be included, indicating the reason for the error, as well as a details property giving more insight in the error.

For example:

   "error": true,
   "message": "INVALID_PARAM",
   "details": "The parameter 'company' is empty"

General Error Messages

Error codeMessageMeaning
400INVALID_REQUESTYour request JSON is corrupted and can't be parsed or the request is not POST
400INVALID_PARAMOne of the parameter you submitted is invalid. Look at the details property to understand the cause.
400INSUFFICIENT_CREDITSNot enough credits to perform the request
400INTERNAL_ERRORAn error occurred on our side, please contact the support
401INVALID_API_KEYReview your X-KEY header
429RATE_LIMITEDRate limit per minute has been reached
429RATE_LIMITED_BURSTBurstable rate limit per second has been reached

Rate Limit

To maintain control over our system and prevent abuse, we have implemented a rate limiting system. Each product API page will provide details about its specific rate limit.


If you need your rate limit to be increased, feel free to contact us at [email protected].