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An impartial comparison

“Who has the best email data?”
Eric Nowoslawski,

CEO @ Growth Engine X

 🦾 Eric Nowoslawski
🦾 Eric Nowoslawski
Founder Growth Engine X | Outbound Strategist...

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I compared 8 email enrichment providers across 4,000+ contacts so you don’t have to. Here are the results and methodology.
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“Can Prospeo find more emails?”
Alex Vacca


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Alex Vacca
Alex Vacca(The AI Sales Guy)
COO at Cold IQ | We Curate the best AI tools for .....

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We ran the test at ColdIQ to find as many emails as possible with 6 other email finders from a 10000 leads list.
After finding around 7k emails, we checked If Prospeo could find the remaining 3000
Prospeo managed to find the 25% that no one else got. 717 verified emails that only Prospeo could find
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Prospeo finds on average 33% more valid emails

In a study conducted by Eric Nowoslawski and Clay.com, Prospeo outperformed its competitors, securing an impressive lead with 33% more email discoveries.

Average percentage of email addresses found per status.
Valid: 49%
Catch-all: 29%
Not found: 21%
Average percentage of email addresses found per status.
Valid: 36%
Catch-all: 31%
Not found: 33%
Average percentage of valid emails found per Email Finder

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from a list to another.

Percentage of email found by competitors

Not found
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Lowest bounce rate
Prospeo identifies more valid emails and maintains a minimal bounce rate.

Average Bounce rate


With emails found or verified with Prospeo.io

Built-in accurate email verification

When Prospeo.io tag an email as valid, the email was freshly verified and have a less than 2% bounce risk.

As most email verifier uses old-school methods and outdated algorithm to verify email addresses, using other verification tools on top of our valid email will cause you to lose on valid email.

We advise against re-verifying our email: it will cost you more, will making you lose exclusive valid email.

Below is how other email verifier will tag real emails (that responded to a live email, truly valid):

Emails by statues after verifying real emails

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