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Email Finder

Find any email address from a first name, last name and company.

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Domain Search

Find email addresses behind any domain name or company name.

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Sales Navigator Export

Export lists of leads and get emails from Sales Navigator, with unique data.

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Email Verifier

Verify the deliverability of email addresses with high accuracy.

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LinkedIn Email Finder

Extract data and get verified emails from any LinkedIn profile URL.

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Chrome extension

Get verified and accurate email addresses from anywhere in your browser.

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  • 98% of guaranteed deliverability.
  • Find emails from LinkedIn in one click.
  • Use our tools in bulk from lists.
  • Perform email search anywhere in your browser.
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One extension to do it all

1. Find emails, anywhere

  • Perform an email search across any website with just one click.
  • Discover emails directly in Google Search results.
  • Search for emails associated with specific names.

2. LinkedIn Email Finder

  • Find truly verified emails from any user or company profile.
  • Access email addresses directly via LinkedIn Search.
  • Extract up to 45 data points, including exclusive ones.

3. Export Sales Navigator list to Excel

  • Extract up to 7,500 leads daily, safely, from the cloud.
  • Get cleaned data in a CSV, ready for cold emailing.
  • Automatically find and verify email addresses.
  • Option to never extract duplicated leads.
  • Customize the columns you want to export.
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A game-changer for 2000+ clients

These guys truly know their stuff. Each feature is super polished, but mainly, the results are incredible. They never miss a valid email, the price is super-low, and the export process with Excel is easy. It's the best we found on the market, and that's how every email finding tool should be.

Samir Nadich, Account Manager

Prospeo is the best email finder tool we've used. Accurate results, user-friendly interface, and efficient batch processing. The extension finds emails not found elsewhere. A game-changer for our lead generation efforts.

Dimitri Nikov, Head of Sales

Their Sales Navigator extension is essential for our lead generation. You can close the tab while it runs, and it exports to super-clean CSV, and the time zone info allows us to optimize our email campaigns. It resulted in a 25% increase in reply rates. Highly recommended for any sales teams.

Eva Baker, Co-Founder

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