Top Lead Generation Companies and Services in 2024

Have a product or service you believe in, but you need a way to generate more leads

You’re not alone. 

HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report lists generating leads as one of the top challenges that marketers face:

hubspot stats about marketers challenges

If you’re in the same boat, you’ve likely started exploring B2B lead generation companies or services to speed up your lead generation process.

To help with that, we’ve prepared a list of the ten best lead generation services, agencies, and platforms to help you get started in the right direction.

Read on to find out our top picks for best lead generation companies. 

Top 10 Lead Generation Companies of 2024

Whether you’re in SaaS, healthcare, real estate, or any other industry, there’s a way for you to optimize your lead generation strategy. 

A lead gen firm or service can maximize the value of your time by delegating the task to professional solutions while you focus on your core business.

Here are ten great options for doing just that:

(Note: It’s important to do your own research before choosing a company, agency, or service. Consider features, services, pricing, and online ratings and reviews before choosing. We’ve summarized all of those relevant points below.)

1. Belkins

With seven years in the game, Belkins has helped hundreds of small businesses find qualified leads, book appointments, and close sales.

The services of this agency cover more than finding new leads; Belkins experts and copywriters can also take care of cold email outreach and lead nurturing for you. In other words, Belkins offers a full-service package.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, you can check the quality of the leads they generate for free. You can get twenty test leads free of charge and evaluate if they align with the ideal customer profile (ICP) you’re targeting, including demographics and other key criteria.

Online Ratings:



When it comes to pricing, Belkins doesn’t work at fixed rates, so you’ll have to request a quote to get a more accurate estimate for your business.

2. Callbox

Callbox is another marketing agency to consider if you’re looking for lead generation outsourcing.

While the name may imply a focus on cold calling, Callbox offers an array of services including email outreach, telemarketing, and social media marketing campaigns.

You can check out an example of their lead gen workflow below and see how different channels are combined.

Image source: Callbox

As you can see, Callbox likes a good follow-up, which is always a good idea when it comes to increasing sales.

The focus on thorough follow-ups is especially vital for account-based marketing (ABM), which Callbox also offers. ABM ensures that each interaction with selected key leads is personalized and timely, enhancing conversion rates.

Following current best practices, Callbox sources leads through research, proprietary data, and trusted third-party sources.

Online Ratings



The agency doesn’t charge by lead. Instead, you can request a quote to find how much you’d pay based on your business needs and desired marketing strategies.

3. Cleverly

Cleverly is a lead generation agency that specializes in all things LinkedIn. They offer the following services on LinkedIn:

  • Lead generation
  • Paid advertising
  • Content creation and ghostwriting
  • Recruiting

So, if you’d like to reach out to LI users but don’t have time to manage the intricacies of the platform, Cleverly has you covered.

The agency also offers building qualified email lists, writing content for email marketing, and executing outreach, enhancing your overall outreach beyond LinkedIn.

Online Ratings:



Cleverly compartmentalizes its services. For example, you can sign up for LI recruiting, without taking, say, paid advertising as well.

That’s why pricing varies significantly based on the specific services you opt for.

While LI lead generation costs between $397 and $891 per month, LI content service is priced at $997 per month. Email lead generation is charged depending on the quality and meeting readiness of the leads.

Essentially, it’s best to visit the pricing page of each service and calculate the combined cost of the marketing services you want.

4. Cience

Cience calls itself the ultimate growth machine, and its focus is on providing clients with accurate, real-world-tested email lists.

Real-world and real-time testing are the main features that Cience confidently boasts. They validate data through actual use, ensuring that clients receive up-to-date leads with high deliverability instead of decayed records.

Image source: Cience

Note that Cience isn’t an agency—it’s a demand generation platform. The platform deals with multiple aspects of B2B outreach, such as business data, sales engagements, and analytics, allowing you to take charge of lead generation and sales processes.

But in addition to offering a software platform, Cience also lets you hire their sales development representative (SDR) teams to work alongside you and further improve your inbound and outbound digital marketing. It’s like having in-house representatives at a fraction of the cost.

Online Ratings:



Pricing depends on whether you opt for only the platform or both platform and SDR services, and you can get a quote by contacting their sales reps.

There’s also a free platform plan. While its capabilities are limited, it allows you to explore Cience’s potential.

5. Cognism

Next up on our list is Cognism, a digital platform offering multiple products for strategic lead targeting. If you’re looking to expand your lead list, its Sales Prospector can help you find the right companies to contact.

Rather than focusing on listing as many leads as possible, the tool also uses intent data so that customers can contact leads who are more likely to convert.

Besides promising features, Cognism is a great pick due to its approachability. There are demo apps right there on the website, meaning that you can try out the tool without installing anything, or even registering.

Online Ratings:



Cognism offers two plans, Platinum and Diamond, but you’ll have to request a price estimate for each.

6. Kaspr

Kaspr is a lead generation tool mostly known for its Chrome extension that makes prospecting on LinkedIn easy. So, if your teams are using LinkedIn to get new leads, Kaspr might be worth exploring.

The tool allows you to extract contact data right from LI profiles, groups, or posts. You can then manage your lead base, write notes, and check tasks for each lead. All of this lets you keep your lead info organized so that your outreach goes smoother.

Like Cognism, Kaspr offers an approachable demo on their website, allowing you to toy with the extension before committing.

Online Ratings:

Product Hunt3/5


Besides the free plan, there are three paid plans, ranging from $49 to $99 per month. 

Each of the plans comes with different capabilities and support levels, so you can combine that info with the pricing to find the best fit for yourself.

7. Salespanel

Let’s say that you already have a decent lead list. However, you wouldn’t want to reach out to potential customers at the wrong moment. Nor would you like to choose the wrong target audience. In that case, you could use a tool like Salespanel.

Salespanel offers tools for B2B visitor analytics and customer journey tracking, among others. But what makes it stand out is its ability to precisely segment leads.

When a lead qualifies for a particular segment, Salespanel can automate outreach or notify your sales team. For instance, you could get a notification that a lead has watched the pricing explanation video, meaning that they could be a potential buyer and it’s time to make a move.

So, while Salespanel won’t get you many B2B sales leads from external sources, it’s an excellent product for engaging the leads that have visited your business’s site.

Online Ratings:



There are two paid plans that start at $99 per month, and the price of both increases with the quota of monthly website visitors.

If you’re running an enterprise-scaled operation, you can get customized pricing that accommodates larger visitor traffic. This option can also get you a dedicated account manager responsible for customer success.

8. Apollo

Apollo is another sales intelligence platform whose strength lies in numbers. With Apollo’s 275+ million contacts, you’re bound to find businesses ready to work with your company.

The platform incorporates AI into its lead qualification processes, helping you prioritize high-value prospects. These can be key decision-makers within businesses in your target audience, potential partnerships, or even influencers.

Apollo doesn’t just provide you with email addresses and phone numbers. Its numerous CRM integration options (Salesforce, HubSpot, and more) can sync with your existing workflows, making your outreach tasks more efficient.

Online Ratings:

Product Hunt4,3/5


Apollo offers more flexible and perhaps more affordable pricing than most marketing solutions.

Apollo offers a free version of the platform that comes with limited features. There are also three paid plans starting at $49, $79, and $99 per month.

Note that additional costs are possible because you’ll have to buy additional credits if you exceed the limits of your chosen plan.

9. LevelUp Leads

It can be a great idea in general to outsource lead generation, especially if your team is already strapped for time. 

If you want to go a step further and also outsource lead management and appointment setting, you can check out LevelUp Leads, a prospecting agency.

LevelUp Leads marketers start with lead research and building lead lists, using the strategy outlined below.

Once the list is compiled, they proceed with cold emailing, calling, and scheduling meetings to bring new customers into the sales funnel.

If you’d like to see realistic examples of LevelUp Leads is capable of, you can visit their website and browse through a selection of case studies.

Online Ratings:



The agency’s pricing is straightforward: you can choose between three fixed plans ranging from $4,000 to $8,000.

Although the plans can accommodate a variety of needs, LevelUp Leads is mainly focused on working with small businesses and startups.

How to Choose the Right Lead Gen Solution for Your Business

By this point, your head is likely buzzing with options. 

While the decision is ultimately yours to make, consider these points before deciding to work with a lead generation company and/or service: 

1. Would you prefer to outsource as much of your lead generation and outreach as possible?

If yes, you should probably consult a lead generation agency.

If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and executing your lead and marketing strategies yourself, then a platform or a SaaS solution is a better fit.

2. Consider the scope of your needs

Are you a small business looking to make local connections, or an eCommerce store targeting a wider audience? Is your focus on cold emailing or generating LinkedIn leads?

Answering these questions will guide you towards providers that specialize in your desired areas.

3. Don’t forget about CRM integrations

The new workflows ideally should play along nicely with all the tools you’re already using. 

If a new tool or the tools a company uses doesn’t mesh well with your CRM, that may be a deal-breaker (need to have a way of tracking their results and progress easily). 

Wrapping It Up

SEO and content marketing can only get you so far in terms of building brand awareness. 

With the right lead generation firm or service behind you, you’re ensuring that you can generate enough leads to keep your sales team busy no matter what stage you’re at in building out your content. 

We hope that this list has helped you explore available solutions and pinpoint the ones that match your criteria. See you in your next customer’s inbox!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do they charge?

Every lead generation company and service is different, with prices ranging from under a hundred dollars per month for simple services to thousands of dollars for full-service solutions. It all depends on the scope of your project and your overall needs. 

How much should you pay for lead generation?

How much you should pay for lead generation is subjective, based on company size, lead generation needs, and how comfortable you are investing in an external team for generating leads. 

Important questions to ask when considering pricing are: 

  • Will the amount we’re investing pay for itself (any good lead generation service should)
  • Can we easily track their progress and lead generation? This is key for deciding whether to continue investing after months 1, 2, 3 and so on. 

What is the best lead generator?

There is no one best lead generator across every industry and company. However, these methods tend to work well for most B2B services businesses:

  • Email marketing
  • Webinars
  • SEO

It depends partly on where your audience hangs out and what they like to do online, so keep that in mind before deciding where to invest your efforts. 

Are lead generation companies worth it?

A great lead generation company can be more than worth the price. When you hire a lead gen company, you hire experts in their niche who have tailored a service specific to what they’re great at.

Not every lead generation company or service is reputable, however. It’s important to vet who you’re considering working with by looking at online reviews, case studies and content, and reviewing differences in offerings before making a decision.

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