How to get valid emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool when it comes to building a targeted leads list.

But there’s a hitch. You’ve spent 30 minutes crafting the best leads list you’ve ever made and you know the potential is there. All that’s left is to extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, contact them, and watch the deals roll in.

That’s when you hit a wall. Sales Navigator doesn’t provide a built-in way to extract emails.

Not to worry – in this guide we’ll explore:

  • How simple it is to get emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator with two different methods.
  • Why it’s crucial to always use professional email addresses, and how to verify the email addresses you’ve found.

How to get emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

There are two different methods to find emails on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, each with its own set of pros and cons.

1. Using a chrome extension to extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The first and most effective method involves using a Chrome Extension to find emails on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This method enables you to extract up to 5,000 leads with professional email addresses and 43 data points per day, all within a few minutes.

I’ll elaborate later in this article on why it’s imperative to avoid sending emails to personal email addresses, so keep reading.

Follow these three simple steps to get emails from Sales Navigator:

  1. Sign up for a free account on Prospeo.
  2. Download the Prospeo Chrome extension.
  3. Hit the export button to extract emails from Sales Navigator

Step 1. Create a free account on Prospeo

Go to and set up your free account!

Step 2. Download the Chrome Extension

Click here and get the Prospeo Chrome extension downloaded.

Step 3. Export Sales Navigator Leads with Emails

With the Chrome extension installed, go back to your Sales Navigator search or list, hit refresh, and a new button titled “Export with Prospeo” will appear.

Click it to export your Sales Navigator leads list to Excel.

You’ll be redirected to your Prospeo dashboard where a menu will pop up. Here, you can name your extraction and select “Skip leads you already extracted”.

Keep this option checked to prevent extracting leads you’ve already gotten before.

The extraction process begins, and an estimate of how long it will take is displayed. You can leave this page and return later.

Once it’s completed, opening it will take you to the results page. You can look at the email stats and get a preview of the list. Ready to go? Click on “Download” to get your list.

Upon clicking download, a menu will open, offering a few options.

  • Export format: Choose between CSV or XLSX – it’s your choice!
  • Type of email to extract: Selecting ‘valid only’ means you’ll receive a list of leads with only the valid and verified email addresses.
  • Data you want: If there’s any data you don’t need, no problem – just remove it from the final file.

And there you have it! You’re all set with a CSV file filled with your leads, featuring verified business email addresses and 43 other useful data points:

2. Find emails on LinkedIn profiles

The second method on our list involves finding out email addresses straight from LinkedIn.

This method is more cost-efficient, yet comes with two main drawbacks:

  • It can be a real marathon to find email addresses for each lead.
  • A good chunk of the emails you’ll discover are personal email addresses (see the next section to understand why you should avoid these).

Essentially, we will utilize all available means to find the email addresses directly on LinkedIn:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Information

Contact information

Every LinkedIn profile has a contact section, which is also available on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

The challenge with this section is that there are very few available email addresses on LinkedIn:

  • If you’re not connected with the leads, you will find on average 5% email addresses.
  • If you’re connected, this number increases to only 30%.

This technique allow you to get emails from Linkedin Sales Navigator, but it’s unlikely you’re connected with every lead you’re attempting to outreach.

And even if you are, you’ll only have access to 30% of email addresses, many of which are personal, and it’s advisable to avoid these.

Profile information

Another method to find an email address on LinkedIn is to simply check the profiles.

About 10% of people share their email addresses within their profile, often in the about section, but it can also be listed on the banner.

This method is not very efficient and not scalable, but it’s free.

It might help for a very important person for whom your Sales Navigator email extraction did not find the email address.

Why you should avoid personal emails addresses

Besides the fact that there are very few email addresses available on LinkedIn, especially when you’re not connected with your leads, these email addresses are personal 60% of the time.

1. Professional email addresses lead to better results

When you send emails to personal addresses, the response rate drops by around 20%.

This happens for multiple reasons:

  • People don’t want to be contacted on personal email addresses for business-related matters. (Logical, right?)
  • Personal email addresses can’t be verified with the same accuracy as professional email addresses.
  • Emailing these will eventually hurt your sender reputation, and you will end up in the spam folder. (The nemesis of every email marketer)

2. Personal email addresses are not GDPR compliant.

You might not be aware, but these emails are not GDPR compliant, and therefore it’s not legal to contact them in the EU.

It’s not strictly illegal to reach out to this type of email addresses in the US, but you’re not supposed to contact them for business-related purposes, and you should always have their consent to reach out to them.

How to chose the best email finder to extract email from Sales Navigator

We’ve established the importance of professional email addresses for better results. This means you’ll need to use an email finding tool that find professional emails addresses based on the LinkedIn information of your leads.

Here are two crucial factors to consider when looking to extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

  • The Number of Valid Emails You Can Obtain from One Extraction: Your pool of potential leads isn’t endless, so it’s vital to maximize the number of email addresses you extract from your list.
  • The Deliverability Rate (Accuracy of the Email Addresses You Find)

A noteworthy independent study conducted by Eric Nowoslawsky & reveals that Prospeo outperforms by finding on average 20% more emails than its competitors!

Prospeo not only excel in finding more emails but also boasts a stellar 97% deliverability rate, earning its stripes as the most efficient email finder on Sales Navigator in the industry.

Read the blog article about the study here.


Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator provide email addresses?

No, LinkedIn Sales Navigator doesn’t provide email addresses. While you can find some email addresses from your 1st-degree connections on their profiles, to extract email addresses from a Sales Navigator list, you’ll need to use a Chrome extension like Prospeo.

How to extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

To extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you’ll need to use a Chrome extension like Prospeo. This extension enables you to export your Sales Navigator list complete with professional email addresses in just one click.