LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing: What to choose in 2023

Are you wondering if Sales Navigator is good for your business and how much it will cost? Well, it depends on your use case.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the premium version of LinkedIn made for sales professionals. It’s like regular LinkedIn, but juiced up on steroids.

There are a lot of features that allow you to connect with highly targeted prospects – and trust me, that’s pure gold. It’s the most accurate and up-to-date database in the world.

You can even find emails on Sales Navigator and I’ll tell you how. Let’s explore LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans and pricing.

Should you pay for LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

If you’re not sure yet let me tell you what comes with Sales Navigator to help you make your choice. 

  • Unlimited searches: Search for as many prospects as you want. You can literally make lists of thousands of qualified leads in minutes.
  • Saved searches: Store your searches for later and get alerts when new leads pop up that fit your criteria.
  • InMail credits: Send messages to prospects outside your network. You get 50, but stay tuned for a trick to get around this. Learn more about inmails here.
  • Sales spotlights: See who’s switched jobs recently, who’s been mentioned in the news, and who’s interested in your company on LinkedIn.
  • Lead recommendations: Receive tailor-made suggestions for fresh leads based on what you’re into and your activity.

And there’s a lot more. Sales Navigator is packed with many features to smooth out your sales routine and make things simpler.

How much does Sales Navigator cost?

Here are the different plans and pricing options:

  • Sales Navigator Core: $99/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced: $149/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: $1600/month (yes, that’s correct)

You’ll save 25% if you go for the annual plan.

The pricing might seem expensive, but using Sales Navigator could lead to much bigger earnings. Let’s explore sales navigator different plans and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Sales Navigator Core Pricing and Features

Let’s see what comes with Sales Navigator Core, the first plan.

  1. With the Sales Navigator Core plan, you unlock advanced search features for both leads and company profiles, helping you discover potential clients that might have been off your radar. This makes up 90% of the value of Sales Navigator, and it’s all in the Core plan.
  1. You’ll also receive alerts on saved leads and companies, keeping you informed about any updates or changes that are important for your sales efforts.
  1. You can find verified email addresses and export 45 data points from your search with Prospeo, allowing you to make perfect email campaigns or import Sales Navigator Search into your CRM. (It’s free)
  1. To keep your leads well-organized, you can make custom lists for easy reference later.
  2. Integrated Tools (SNAP and Outlook): This feature allows for the integration of your LinkedIn activities with other sales tools using the Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) and Outlook web integration.

    Here’s a guide to export your sales navigator search directly into a CSV with verified emails:

Sales Navigator Core Pricing 2023:

  • $99.99/month
  • $959.88/year ($79.99/month)

All in all, the Sales Navigator Core plan is an excellent first step for anyone wanting to experience Sales Navigator, but let’s give a look at more advanced plans.

Sales Navigator Advanced Pricing and Features

Sales Nav Advanced is ideal for teams or small companies that require a broader array of tools to help them achieve their goals.

  1. Smart Links: With Smart Links, you can create a single link that bundles up to 15 documents or web links. This provides a comprehensive and easy-to-share overview of your products or services and allows you to track user engagement in detail, offering valuable insights into how prospects interact with your content.
  1. TeamLink: Sales Navigator Advanced includes the TeamLink feature which extends your network by letting you see your team members’ connections. This is a great way to leverage your team’s networks to find new leads and opportunities.
  1. Enterprise Tools (SSO and Employee Data Integration): For larger organizations, Sales Navigator Advanced offers Single Sign-On (SSO) and Employee Data Integration. These features simplify the management of multiple users and integrate LinkedIn activities with your internal systems, making your sales and marketing efforts more efficient​.
  1. Buyer Interest Alerts: This sends you notifications when potential customers show interest in your products or services on LinkedIn. It allows you to respond promptly to opportunities, enhancing the possibility of successful sales interactions.

Oh, and something I found while doing my research is that Sales Navigator Advanced doesn’t include access to LinkedIn Learning Courses, while core does. That’s a platform with 17,400+ courses about all things business. If that’s important for you, think carefully.

Sales Navigator Advanced Pricing 2023:

  • $149.99/month
  • $1,300/year ($108.33/month)

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Pricing and Features

At $1,600 a month, you might ask what’s so special about Sales Navigator Advanced Plus.

The main features of Sales Nav Advanced Plus is LinkedIn CRM updates with data validation.

CRM Sync: CRM Sync in LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets you manage leads and contacts more effectively by linking with your CRM. It saves contacts, sends alerts, and enables easier switching between Sales Navigator and your CRM.

Advanced CRM integrations: These features help you work better with your team by connecting LinkedIn with other systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. This helps keep your data accurate and up-to-date. You have complete freedom and can configure precisely what data you want to be updated in real-time for each lead.

Honestly, these are quite powerful, but you shouldn’t consider the Advanced Plus plan just for the CRM integration as you can use Prospeo’s Sales Navigator Extractor to import leads into your CRM.

To do so, you just need to download prospeo’s chrome extension to export your sales navigator search, and add them to your CRM.

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Pricing 2023:


Is Sales Navigator worth it?

Depending on your needs, if you’re seeking the most comprehensive and current database, you found it.

Starting out with LinkedIn Sales and looking for an affordable solution? Choose Sales Navigator Core. As pointed out earlier, the majority of Sales Navigator’s value comes from the database access and its filters, available right in the first plan.

Consider Sales Navigator Advanced only if you’re working in a team and fully understand the features it includes and how to make good use of them.

When it comes to Sales Navigator Advanced Plus, it may not be the best choice considering you can import your leads into your CRM for a fraction of the price using Prospeo.

About that, remember when I mentioned bypassing Inmails limitations? Prospeo allows you to do that by getting your lead’s email and contacting them directly.

Register on Prospeo now and get 75 free emails from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.

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